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Digital Loyalty Apps – for Bricks & Mortar Business

Customers FLOCK with FLOK = Loyalty Rewards & Incentives App

Are you looking for ways to bring in more customers or bring existing customers in more frequently? Your customers will FLOCK WITH FLOK!

flok is a mobile platform that allows merchants (YOU) to better connect with your customers to grow your business. If you’re a bricks and mortar business and you’re interested in building real, lasting loyalty – flok is the right place.

How can FLOK benefit my business?

flok helps turn casual visitors into regulars.

  • Regulars come in to your business more often
  • Regulars spend more money and try new things
  • Regulars bring their friends and family as referrals
  • Regulars generate more business on social media
  • Regulars are less likely to react negatively to one bad experience

Bottom line, you want more of these people through your doors 🙂

What does FLOK do?

flok is a mobile app for small businesses to engage and communicate with customers. It is fully customisable and tailored to fit your needs. flok is also automatic – simply set and let it do its thing!

Your customers just walk in, or walk by if within range, and the flok beacon will greet them with a personalised message sent directly to their phone. But wait, there’s more! Here’s a closer look at how you can use flok:

DEALS AND REWARDS: Rewards are a great way of showing customers your appreciation for their loyalty.

  • Looking to increase foot traffic during slow hours? Check out the happy hour reward.
  • Interested in promoting Facebook check-ins? The Facebook check-in reward does just that.
  • Wanting to welcome new members of your flok club? The welcome reward is what your “thank you” to customers for joining.

CLUB CARDS:  The club card allows you to reward your most loyal regulars (VIPs) every time they walk in! When they enter all they need to do is select your club, turn their phone to the side and the club level reward will display.

DIGITAL PUNCH CARDS (Loyalty Cards): How many of your customers do you think keep a paper/plastic punch card in their pockets right now? Or is it in the car, the other handbag, or lost? Compare that to the number of people that carry a mobile phone with them – right now. Putting a digital punch card on your customers’ phones can help eliminate waste, confusion, and human error. It creates a seamless approach for your customers, and most importantly, it is a proven way to incentivise repeat punches and drive people into your business more often.

What else does FLOK replace?

In addition to the digital punch card, the flok premium package includes a fully operational platform, eliminating the need for email lists and services like MailChimp. The push notification feature replaces texting services as well as costly deals on Groupon and LivingSocial. You can finally market your deals directly to your customers without cutting into your bottom line!

Want to see FLOK for yourself?

Simply search for flok on your mobile (apple and android) in the app store. Find businesses around you already using flok and check out what they offer.

Start a FREE DEMO and set up your own FLOK CLUB APP right now!

Punch Card Loyalty Reward App

Artifex Marketing Studio is a reseller of the Flok service. All development, support and payments are between you and Flok directly. Artifex Marketing Studio is able to help you implement and set up your app and promotional assets by request.