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Logo and Brand Design

What does your logo or brand say about your business?

The logo is the identifying mark your customers use to identify your products and services. It is vital that it says the “right thing” about who you are and what you do.

Artifex Marketing Studio provides personalised design from the simple logo icon to the development of the full brand experience! When designing your logo, we consider the environments it will appear in, the personality of your business, your primary target markets and the types of usages it will undergo – to ensure a versatile, long lasting icon that effectively represents your business.

Take a look at just some of our logo designs below

Ready to Request Your Logo Design

Complete this logo design questionnaire to help us create your design concepts.

Getting Started

In the logo design questionnaire we ask about who your target market is, how the logo will primarily be used and what type of personality does/will your business have, as well as the obvious preference of colours or font styles. Your answers to these questions guide us as we create the initial design concepts.

Logo File Types

When we have completed your logo design, and you have fallen in love with the finished design, we supply you with every file type you will ever need in your business, such as JPEG, EPS, PDF even Word. Don’t worry if you don’t know what these file types even are, we include an outline of what they mean and their best usage.

The Next Step

After the logo has been finalised, in most cases the next step is always to have business cards designed and printed. We can help you with that too. The business card is often the first contact potential customers will have with you, so it is important to continue with the brand and personality you want to portray.

Logo Design Guarantee